Come to me, you have the milk of the poppy with you, yes? I need it, my faith burns Our queen, your palaces are all in ruin. Your olive oil has turned the ground to glass it has burnt so hot. Who did this? We will avenge your people My son You let that creature live? You set that creature free? Hah, how do you kill something that's half god? How do you contain a creature with enough cleverness to walk throuigh walls? I told you to kill that wicked creature when it was a child. He is too powerful for his station. Kings and Gods will tremble to know he has broken free. Where is the minotaur now? He has disappeared into the sea foam, I do not know. A creature that furious is sure to roar. We will hear him. We beg your permission to kill the creature. yes Old King Minos will be as worthless as usual. Murder that man, smother him with your pillow. I have done too much to anger the gods already. we will restore order to Atlantis. The Minotaur will not be allowed to sow chaos across the land